SUMMER, 2000

1. Well, we got amazed with "Redemption" pre production... great songwriting! How have you achieved it? Was it a gradual process of years of learning or is it just your creative extinct?

Thanx. We're of the belief that a definitive sound or image is worthless if good songwriting is not present. Our approach is 'a good song is a good song', whether it's ska or trance or power metal. I'm sure we approach melody in much the same ways that pop songwriters do - it is simply the format that is different. It would be nice to think that creative instinct was responsible for the spontaneous generation of songwriting, but I think it's fairer to say that like most crafts, we've gradually developed, honed, or poisoned whatever 'skills' we might have had.

2. You've been receiving great critics all over the press. Did that fact surprised you some how?

It would be quite pretentious to assume that the press would 'eat it up', but it's possible that they're as misguided as we are. We like it, but that's never mattered where the opinion of others is concerned. I think we've been extremely fortunate to receive an overwhelmingly positive response to the pre-production material that was sent out over the last year in preparation for the release of redemption. Perhaps the financial disasters that have delayed the release were, in part, a small blessing in disguise, as the buzz has gradually increased in the underground.

3. This CD might be termed has progressive in the darkwave movement. Do you feel that it's important to break the walls, to innovate on that kind music style?

I think it's important to produce music that you believe in, that represents a unique voice - a progressive voice. Simply because you enjoy the music of others is no reason to duplicate it and pass it off as your own - that's not progressive. When we first started producing music, I had been completely removed from current musical trends, listening to absolutely no music whatsoever for years. We had no concept of descriptions such as goth, industrial, progressive, ambient, darkwave, or doom metal. It was only after we started receiving reviews that those terms came into play. I think it's also necessary to push the limits of not only what is out there, but also what you've created for yourself. I don't think it's necessary to push small children down long, narrow staircases...

4. We have been talking about Braindance on different subjects... let's restarted the talk. Who are Braindance really? How many members are in the band?

Braindance consists of Vora Vor, responsible for production, programming, arrangements, and guitars, and myself, responsible for minced onions, parsley, and braised shallots. We have between three and five revolving members, human and otherwise, responsible for percussion, basses, keyboards, voices, and a myriad of other aural excitements within a live setting. Then there's Claude, who travels with us simply to provide us with an array of spiced chocolate sauces...

5. The band exists since what year? What were your main purposes when you began Braindance?

In 1991-2, we began writing and recording material, some of which ended up on the first EP, shadows, in 1994. My main purpose was to avoid spending 5 more years of research in a Ph.D. program. I figured it would be more enjoyable to spend that time toiling away in obscurity as a musician than pursue a financially lucrative and emotionally rewarding career as a clinical psychologist. Besides, this way, I've been able to perfect my can recycling and coin rolling technique.

6. "Shadows" and "Fear Itself" were your first releases. They were self-released; even so they made some kind of success. One of the differences between "Redemption" and your previous releases is you now have the support of a label - Double Edge Productions. Music wise what do you think differs 'em?

Braindance is Double Edge Productions, which currently exists solely as the business buffer for the actual band. Aside from a very talented group of artists, designers, street teams, and fans who help us survive as a self-produced entity, Vora and I are completely responsible for production, promotion, publicity, bookings, management, and financial considerations. With regards to the material, we've taken everything that worked on Shadows and Fear Itself and brought it to a higher level. Fear Itself barely had two singles whereas redemption has potentially six to eight, the production is ten times tighter, the performances are better, and the songwriting has matured considerably.

7. What kind of lyric subjects deal Braindance?

I believe in a good measure of ambiguity when writing lyrics. Naturally, the themes have specific meanings for me, but I try not to assign definitive conceptual values to phrases, because listening should be somewhat interactive. Insofar as everyone's experiences are different, so should their interpretations be. Whereas I might see despair and desolation, someone else might see cookie dough....

8. I just had the chance to hear the pre-production of the album... It was excellent! Was the final production even better than the one I heard? When will it be released? Do you know if it has distribution out here in Portugal?

Thanx. Although financial constraints have held back the release of redemption for over a year, I felt it was important to issue sampler cassettes (containing a 60% representation of what the finished product will sound like) to the press in order to generate interest and anticipation. It's been quite some time since Fear Itself was released, and although our wallets have shrunken considerably, we've also matured considerably, and felt it was necessary to let people know that we were still alive and producing music that we were proud of. Besides, it can take up to two years for an independent/self-produced album to scratch the surface, and I wanted to get an early start. The final production will be significantly larger - we've streamlined the arrangements, beefed up the instrumentation, and added a myriad of other tasty niblets for your listening displeasure. Vora's production skills have increased tenfold, having run a studio for two years after producing both Shadows and Fear Itself. With any luck, it should be out before the end of the summer. With regards to Portugal distro, we have yet to grant exclusivity to particular licensor....

9. I guess you play live often. Darkwave bands normally like to give some importance to the way they act on stage. Do you have a theatrical approach to the stage?

I normally like to give some importance to the way I act in restaurants. I've been accused of having a theatrical approach to the lobster bisque, but once I'm on it, I melt not unlike a teaspoon of margarine left on the stove. Maybe I'm being overly demanding, but if I'm going to leave my dwelling, shell out cash, and see live music, I should be rewarded with at least some sort of retinal stimulation. Otherwise, I can stay at home and listen to the album whilst regularly visiting the ever-friendly refrigerator....

10. That's about it! Any final message?

Regular flossing and brushing are essential ingredients for successful oral hygiene....